Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome Welcome!

I know, I know what a lot of you are thinking. You are promoting and talking about your Etsy store but it has nothing in it. Well here is the deal cupcakes. I have another Etsy store in which I sell cosplay supplies and related items. I have been struggling on deciding where I want to go with my Etsy, what type of items I want to sell, and if I should keep it separated from cosplay. I kept finding myself wanting to sell jewelry and items that was not ideal for my target audience that I have collected over the years.

Why don't I focus on the cosplay audience? Here's why:
There are a TON of people in that market selling stuff independently and commercially. I'm happy selling a few select items and that's about it. Plus I have been evaluating my involvement in the cosplay community lately and I felt that I was taking it too seriously. Trying to make a money from something that was and still should be a hobby was starting to take the fun away. I was more concerned about getting followers, which to me meant more potential customers, publicity, ect.. My competitive state of mind started to get the best of me and hence why I'm stepping away from that aspect of it. I want cosplay to be something I enjoy 100% again and I feel that this is one of many steps I need to take to achieve that.

Why the late Victorian - 1950's?
It is a time period that I wish I was apart of. I love the history, the music, the fashion, prettymuch everything that was going during this time period. Aside from the wars (and maybe a bit because of them too) our society changed and laid the building blocks for what we are standing on now. Life was simpler and classy back then. I think we all can learn a thing a two from that time frame.

And with that I will leave you a photo of stuff I'm working on. Should be up in the next day or so.

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