Friday, April 9, 2010

In Which Spring tries to Spring

Where I live there are two seasons: Winter and Summer. Spring and fall are simple notions of a gradual change from winter to summer and visa-versa. However, there are a few weeks where warmer spring like days peak through dismal winter days in March and April. Yesterday and today have been one of these types of days, and of course these days make my daily runs even nicer. In fact, I've been seeing my fellow neighborhood residents also hitting the pavement.

Adding to my delight of the warmer months coming, I discovered Geocaching yesterday. After a brief search on Amazon we got a very reasonably priced hand held GPS unit to start going on these treasure hunting adventures. I assure you that there will be some very uniquely theme ones coming to the area in the very near future! Any reason to take the Jeep out during the wonderful summer months is a fantastic reason.

Alas, I must depart and get to work on the seemingly towering pile of projects I must work on.

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