Saturday, September 25, 2010

Way Too Long!

I have been totally neglectful of this blog and I apologize greatly my loves! Though now that I come to think of it do I really have any readers? That's besides the point anyway... None-the-less I do wish to start posting more and being helpful to the sewing/crafting community.

I come across so helpful techniques and tutorials online weekly. For me, and of course for you, I thought I would start compiling them here. Kind of an easy way for me to find them again (because I admit my browser bookmarks are atrocious!) and it'll be something helpful to other crafters out there. A majority will be sewing related, because lets face it that's what I do most, but there will be an occasional non-sewing one too.

I have started making and designing my clothes recently so I'll be sharing those projects here as well. Maybe even pattern reviews? Would anyone be interested in that?

Well, I got a bunch of fabric from Walmart today (SIDE NOTE ALERT: My Walmart had a "Fabric Road Show" and is getting rid of their fabric section. They have $3 5 yard bolts on sale. YES. 5yrds for $3. Great poly - cotton blends great for clothing or otherwise. I would highly suggest you check it out), plus other fabrics. I'll be sure to post them when I'm done!


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